Wildgame Innovations Micro 4 MEGA-PIXEL Camcorder With Auto Focus

The 4MP Wildgame Innovations White LED Micro Digital Camcorder by Wildgame Enhancements offers various features, the most amazing one is the capability to use a UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS cable to charge various other digital cameras and your Wildgame Innovations camcorder. The camera as well charges with the USB port and is compatible with many major cellular phone and digital video recorders making it possible to capture short videos while you are out camping, fishing, hiking or anywhere you must film. It can hold up to four hours of high quality video.

The camera is good for game managers who are always on the road and looking for exceptional animal activity. It can be taken anywhere and has the ability to digitally zoom in on animals up to three miles away from the camcorder’s area, which makes it exquisite for long distance travel. Additionally, it has an auto-focus screen that means it is easy to use, just point and shoot. It really is worth observing that the https://technologyform.com/ camcorder will not use infrared so you will have to purchase an infrared illuminator considering using it within an area that will not get plenty of natural light.

This is an amazing very little camcorder right from wildgame innovations and I believe you will enjoy it once you get your hands on a single. There are some great features including the capability to connect to your computer via UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS and the ability to download the recordings right to your harddrive via the remembrance card. Likewise, this camcorder has an auto-focus lens that will enable you to yourself focus when in movement to prevent frustration out of having to re-focus every couple of seconds.

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