Testimonials for your individual lesson page.

Testimonial 1 – Become a Member

“This was my introductory lesson with Natalie. Fighting an inconsistent swing, she quickly identified the problem and explained in an easy to understand way how to fix it. Very impressed.” Russell, Club Member

Testimonial 2 – Example

“Enjoyable relaxed coaching, and already seeing benefits after 2 x 30 min sessions. Looking forward to 2022 and putting some of it into practice” Giles, Club Member

Testimonial 3 – Example

“Excellent teaching skills; clear and not over complicated. One of the best lessons that I have ever had.
Thank you” Jane, Club Member

Testimonial 1 – Example

“I had my first “taster” lesson today with Natalie. She was brilliant and made me feel very much at ease. I had fun and will be continuing.” Rosalind, New Golfer

Testimonial 1 – 12 handicap

“You have promoted the game in a truly refreshing way which has led to some great results, not least of which has lead me to feeling far more comfortable with my game” Mike, 12 handicap

Testimonial 2 – Example

“Rob gave me a fantastic lesson & cured my slice” Bernie Robson, Handicap 17

Testimonial 3 – Example

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